Recollections, anecdotes, and comments about Carver Mead and his impact on Caltech.
Carver mead pondering small

National Semiconductor/ Foveon

Submitted by: Albert Bergemont

I met Carver at National Semiconductor through Gil Amelio who asked us to develop imagers.

The group included Min Hwa Chi, Hosam Haggad and myself from National and Tobi Delbruck, and Carver. Dick Merrill would join later on.

Those few years were the best in my life at work

Dear Carver, thanks for sharing and leaving that precious time in my memory

I will never forget you.

Love. Albert


Happiness at Foveon - Albert Bergemont
Happiness at Foveon

Happiness at Foveon

Pre Foveon/National Semiconductor - Albert Bergemont
Pre Foveon/National Semiconductor

Pre Foveon/National Semiconductor